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# Pulse897 is a lighting performance that turns the windows of Simon’s old factory in the Poble Nou neighborhood of…

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Inspired by the Japanese sense of simplicity and harmony, Aia is designed to offer a connection between the human habitat…

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This Aiguafreda water vase is part of an edition of 40 different vases. It plays with weight and counter-weight to…

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This project began with the idea of seeking an extremely simple chair with standard elements and achieving a sufficient level…

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Bag Hook

Use it to keep your purse out of the floor while it’s hanging or just to secure your bags to…

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This piece is inspired by the bauhaus movement, so simple and direct. Transformation of the millennial Porró device created to…

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A cup with a tutu, that’s Ballarina! Ballarina with her tutu  presents a new concept of cup. Handmade on white…

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The idea behind the Band collection is the breakdown of structure.  The idea behind the Band collection is the breakdown…

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Basket and tweezers BBQ

Multi Basket Grilling delicate items such as small fish, vegetables – even whole mushrooms is easily achieved with the generously proportioned Fervor…

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Bela lamps are colourful, versatile and they can be placed directly on the floor, suspended or used as a standing…

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This design turns a common kitchen tool into a small sculpture. Blocs blurs the traditional configuration of salt and pepper…

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Utilitarian, local and warm. Bolet embodies a new approach to a traditional process. Bolet is both an exercise in functionalism…

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