aquí is about participatory design and co-creation for urban spaces. From March to July we have been weaving a social network between local associations and neighbors in Barcelona in order to redesign Carrer Sancho de Ávila. The neighbors designed their own street and we created a collective vision that resulted in a neighborhood process to build modular furniture.

Cities have to embrace change, continuously adapt to it and take responsibility for building inclusive and sustainable futures today. Within this context, aquí strives to weave social fabric and cultivate co-responsibility through participatory urban design. Viewing design as a tool for social transformation and environmental regeneration, we aim to build a foundation to be replicated and scaled in other cities in Europe and the world. We facilitate participatory urban design processes and contribute to weaving networks of solidarity. Our actions aim to turn streets into living places and build public space for all. So far, aquí has partnered with neighborhood associations, citizen advocacy groups, collaborative spaces, environmental initiatives, schools and universities, local government and EU institutions.

Teixint Superilles