Sullà Studio is a start-up textile design studio, that creates artistic textile (limited edition) to apply an acoustic solution and interior decoration: acoustic panels covered with textile materials. Their decorative and acoustic solutions bring wellbeing and comfort to the senses.

They offer either 100% tailormade projects, or also panels that the client can customize by choosing our designs, texture, colours and fabrics. Their target is mostly B2B companies on the habitat – contract field. Most of their clients are architects, interior designers or hospitality entrepreneurs.

Clara Sullà is a textile artist, founder of Sullà Studio two years ago to use art manifestation to help people to benefit from sensory values. For 15 years she worked as a textile artist setting exhibitions for national (Spain) and international museums and galleries. After this period she spent 10 years as a Costume Head for an international theatre company, where she designed and created a creative costume and set for opera and big-scale events. From this experience, she learned that textile art has a great power to enhance space and boost its beauty and personality. Also, it helped her to develop the ability to apply her creativity to solve specific problems.

Sullà Studio