The exhibition consists of a collection of 27 chairs made from recycled plastic taken from detergent containers and turned into unique pieces by Oiko Design Office. At the end of the exhibition, they will be sold through an in-person auction at the gallery. An unidentified mould found in a factory is this project’s inflection point. Oiko understands recycled plastic as a material with its own meaning, with a language that enters into the domestic sphere and its aesthetic code.

They redesign and produce, but at the same time create an integral procedure that connects designer and operator, evoking the Arts and Crafts of William Morris.”Although plastic is the industrial and synthetic material par excellence, design can take it beyond homogenisation and turn it into a unique object. The material with its properties, the industrial process with its constraints and the person with their intention govern the process and express themselves creatively, emotionally and physically,” according to Oiko Design Office

Il·lacions is a private cultural initiative that develops different projects linked to design, creativity, and interior architecture, with the aim of providing value and visibility to the creators of the city of Barcelona at a local and international level. Xavier Franquesa, a professional with ties to the world of architecture and design, is the founder of this cultural and business idea. The Il·lacions design gallery is the first project born within the framework of this initiative. Inaugurated in 2011, it is the first in Barcelona to be dedicated solely to local 21st-century design and which has brought together more than 50 designers; unique pieces or limited series, collectibles, furniture, and objects linked to an author. The gallery has moved to La Rambla: it was time to look for a larger space to offer a more varied and dynamic offering for both the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. In addition to the physical space, Il·lacions has an online platform, and all the collective intelligence already used in private choral projects and spin-off projects. Other Il·lacions initiatives include curating its own exhibitions, interior design, collection creation consultancy, editing and production of furniture and objects, book publishing, an experimentation laboratory and, very soon, design residencies.

Il·lacions Design Gallery