They were asked to create the brand strategy and identity of Brebel, a socially responsible craft beer that allocates part of its benefits to social projects.

The challenge consisted in creating a brand with a purpose that could rethink activism and turn it into something simple and enjoyable, capable of mobilizing even people who are not used to getting involved in solidarity causes.

The truth is that we want to live in a better world, but we are not always ready to take the initiative or willing to change our habits. Under this insight, they created the concept “Beer Activism”, taking activism from enjoyment as a premise.

They made a new narrative that revolves around the idea that to improve the world you just have to continue doing what you like the most: preparing barbecues with your friends, watching Netflix or reading your favourite novel on the couch at home. You don’t have to make an effort, just accompany it all with a good beer.

Then, they merged the words Brewing and Rebel to create the Brebel naming. A name that, beyond sounding good, reflects the will to break with the status quo and create a more equitable society.

Finally, regarding the packaging, they put the purpose first, even before the brand logo to communicate metaphorically that changing the world was the most important.

With Brebel, drinking beer becomes a revolutionary act.

They are Bold, a challenger branding agency based in Barcelona. Since 2007, they create and manage brands that defy conventions to be culturally relevant. They combine a unique branding methodology with the urge to transform brands from product catalogues to entities relevant to people.