The Davinci Pen is an anodized titanium and aluminium ballpoint pen that was inspired by a sketch from the great Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci. The pen is artisanally made using computer numerical control (CNC) technology. Despite its high-tech look, the mechanism is very simple: the user simply rotates the side tube to insert and affix the ink refill cartridge. This is a perfect illustration of two design principles: less is more, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The weight is perfectly balanced for a long journey of drawing. There is an indent for the hand rest also used to fix the pen in the most popular notebooks. A small protruding avoid turning around the table.

All their products are designed and manufactured in Barcelona and most of them are made by artisanal methods without complex tools or machines. They also used aluminium recycled bars to be more sustainable.

ANIMA Design is a firm specialised in product design. Founded in Barcelona in 2002, we have an broad international experience. We collaborate in the design and development of new products for companies in different industrial sectors. We place our know-how and experience at the service of firms to help them in developing their ideas, and we generate new concepts to achieve original, novel products that triumph on the market.

We combine understanding users’ needs and desires with an acute sense of opportunity and use of the latest technology in design tools, with the aim of offering our clients the utmost in efficiency and optimum results and quality. Since the company was set up, we’ve collaborated at an international level with manufacturers the world over, principally European and Asian, helping us to understand different cultures and to get to know a wide range of human relations.

Apart from easier, more fluent communication with our clients, working within an international context encourages creativity, as well as the ability to detect the most suitable solutions to resolve the needs of both people and companies.

Thanks to these synergies, we can offer our clients a wide variety of possibilities and diversify the areas we work in. We work in different sectors as: product design, transportation, power tools, consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, personal complements…

ANIMA Design