Drinks trolley for Hermanos Torres is a bar cabinet that includes a fridge to keep champagne bottles. The trolley was designed to serve drinks and cocktails at the Cocina Hermanos Torres restaurant in Barcelona and it  is sponsored by Louis Roederer, the main champagne’s brand served at the restaurant

Bonjoch is a design studio focused on the creation and arrangement of interior spaces with projects that incorporates commercial, exhibition and museum designs. The main goal is to convey identity and content, with visual narratives of the space that remain in the memory of the customer and visitor. The work and projects on the studio are approached from a multidisciplinary perspective in order to be able to cover all narratives involved in the design of the experiences.The tools we use start with conceptual mind maps, such as cartography that “ordinates and set limits on spaces”, going through the design of the space itself, applied graphics, information management, light and sound.

Estudi Bonjoch