Is it possible to combine craftsmanship and design to help keep the tradition of a small fishing village alive? Entre Redes takes place in the community of A Guarda, a small fishing village in Galicia, near the Portuguese coast. In this town, throughout history, a variety of cultural expressions and craftwork have been passed on from generation to generation until today. Among them, the art of net making, carried out by a collective of women known as the “redeiras”, has been essential for the economical growth of the town.

However, the lack of new generations taking over means the “redeiras” are currently in danger of extinguishment. In order to keep their profession alive, they must innovate and diversify through their work, but always maintaining the origin and identity of their tradition.

Entre redes incorporates this collective of women net makers in the design process of a product, combining the individuality of their artisan techniques with the possibilities of design and innovation. The objective of Entre Redes is to revalue the art of net making and encourage collaborative work between women.

Designing to tell stories, Amalia Puga always intends to provoke a certain emotion in the user, creating an impact on people’s perception and behaviour. Through her work, she enjoys experimenting with materials, combining analogue and modern techniques to create sustainable products.

During her Bachelor’s in Design at Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, she pursued her interest in traditions and craftsmanship. With them in mind, she is eager to create projects that implement local collaborative solutions between people, aiming to empower small villages and collectives with enriching culture and history.

Throughout her life, she has had the opportunity to grow and study in places such as Canada, the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. However, she feels especially connected to her place of birth near the sea, in A Guarda, Pontevedra.

Amalia Puga Cividanes