“We live in constant tension, overwhelmed by stress, anxiety and social pressure.and social pressure.We are told that we have to take care of our health, both physical and mental, but what about the soul ?what about the soul?The soul is an intangible, dreamlike part of our being, which we turn to at very specific moments, to connect with ourselves and to be able to make sense of the purpose for which we are alive.”

Escuchara is based on the idea of “listening” and how people use conches to “connect” with the sea. It is that moment when, putting the conch shell to your ear, you close your eyes and for a moment you feel your soul sailing on that imaginary sea. It is only a few seconds, but it is enough to find a small inner peace, feeding our soul with that pleasant and necessary sound in order not to lose our sanity. It’s the spoon to listen.

Raül Maldonado is art director at an agency carrying major consumer brands. He combines this task with teaching at several universities and Maldonado also manages some clients on my own. But from time to time small artistic projects come up that allow him to be “a little more my inner self and less my everyday self”.

Raül Maldonado