They are fascinated by the silent story of material culture laying behind every artisanal object.  

When they started Azar Studio, they were seeking to perpetuate those stories through their work, while at the same time, they craved a non-ephemeral result, able to last and take part in the stories of its owners.  

This is how they chose to start weaving leather, despite it not being the most easy-to-braid material. They chose it precisely for its nobility and its capacity of enduring time.  

Hand-woven leatherwork is a very ancient technique. It was mastered by the Assyrians and  Phoenicians, followed by the Persians and the Arabs, who later brought it to Europe. The  Europeans, in turn, expanded it to the Americas and Oceania.  

This span of endless migrations brought this knowledge to us, through our Italian, Spanish and  Argentinian cultural roots.  

Another important decision, which influences their design practice is the one of limiting production,  by placing handwork at the core of their brand.  

That is why they choose to produce less, rejecting seasonal collections and limiting their available stocks, to create unique pieces, consciously crafted, in full respect of the times needed by any step of the process. 

Manual gestures involve them in the process of making, they reestablish the total, human comprehension of the object. 

The hand is the emblem of human individuality. We are who we are as a consequence of the realities that our bodies and our hands have created, and can create, around us. 

In this sense, it is precisely the small variations of a handcrafted piece that transforms a simple object into a culturally relevant reality. A reality that is resistance. Resistance in front of the unrestrained anonymity of mass production.

Azar Studio rises as a creative act and as a need for reflection at the same time.

They create from the honesty of acknowledging who they are and what is the world they want.

Their products are handcrafted in small quantities in their studio in Barcelona, with noble and timeless materials. They respect each piece’s gestation time and follow no season imposition. They make sure every new creation gets ripe through the techniques they know and through the constant learning of new ones.

They love their work and they believe that everyone on earth has the right to earn a living through love in what they do. In coherence with one’s personal beliefs and ethics.

This is why their prices include love while excluding invisible margins and intermediaries.

They aim to change your buying habits, by a change in the way they create and produce.

Azar Studio