Ikigai is a project presented in the (un)neutral design category of Jumpthegap 2021, a Roca’s contest. It is a smart mirror focused on helping people, principally, with early and middle dementia stages to introspect and reconnect with their essence. Through a daily guided routine, it wants to recover and reunify small parts of the user such as present, memories, tastes, abilities and knowledge.

Also, Ikigai wants to assist the families, caregivers and psychologists with the treatments through an application. Improving the quality life of all the users. The activities can be monitored and configured through a smartphone, always with the consent and customized for the person who has dementia.

Laia Millan Catala is an industrial design engineer student at Escola Elisava. She loves learning, participating in new challenges, the teamwork, innovation and orienting ideas to be sustainable and contribute to the happiness and well-being of the people and the planet.

Laia Millan Catala