Multidisciplinary project under the commission of Elsa Yranzo and Sebastian Alberdi with the objective of celebrating the Bauhaus’ centenary, by creating a unique gastronomic and artististic experience that brought back the spirit and the values from the iconic Weimar school to the present day. This project gathered the most relevant people from Barcelona’s scene in fields like gastronomy, product design, craftwork, poetry, film makers, sculpture, graphic design, photography, styling or music among others.

An experience divided in different secuences/acts that would involve a total of 18 guests (professionals from different fields) in a sensorial experience that would transport them into a three hour journey full emotions and surprises. Above all, a journey into the very essence of the Bauhaus.

The entire process (working sessions, experiments, rehearsals..) and the sensorial performance that took place the last October 20th 2019 at the Barcelona Pavilion were documented and it allowed us, together with film director Joan Simó to create a documentary film that we premiered at Disseny Hub Barcelona’s Auditorium. Today, Sebastian and Elsa’s goal is to share this new Bauhaus and gastronomy vision delighting the public with the beauty of the film they named “In the Bauhaus Kitchen _ The Documentary”.

Elsa Yranzo is a designer, art director and commissioner. She runs her own creative studio in Barcelona, a studio centered in food design and food art with the objective of connecting and creating new links between food, design and art by developing several multisensory art performances. They use food design as a tool for designing and building a new ecosystem, more fair, sustainable and beautiful. They help businesses, brands, museums or institutions to create meaningful experiences to provoke critical thought, enhance experimentation and seek for change, using food and everything related to gastronomy as means of expression for communicating concepts, ideas and values. They provide food for the body but also food for the mind and the soul. They have worked for Carolina Herrera, BMW or Bombay Saphire among others. She is professor at various gastronomy and design universities from Barcelona and Spain, with the mission of democratizing the term food design.

Spanish-Argentinian industrial designer Sebastian Alberdi (1978) runs his studio in Barcelona, where he has been located since moving from Buenos Aires in 2002. Co-founder of design collective Outofstock, he has over the last thirteen years developed furniture, lighting, small objects and concepts for international brands such as Ligne RosetBlå StationBolia, Discipline, Ekobo and The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation. His works have received international acclaim and been exhibited in Paris, Tokyo, London, Singapore, Stockholm and Milan among other cities. In addition to his design studio, he’s been professor and advisor at Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona for more than 10 years. Sebastian’s work is in a constant exploration pushing materials, technology and crafts boundaries, seeking for new functional and visual codes.

Elsa Yranzo & Sebastian Alberdi