Jupiter / Satellite project arises from the idea of the stone as a symbol of sacredness. The relationship between stones and the sacred has been consistent throughout time since man inhabited the earth. This is how Litholatry or the worship of stones comes about. Their positioning in a chosen place grants them sacralization, transforming the space into a place of worship where the union between the heavenly and earthly worlds.

Our focus is on the creation of pieces, objects and machines that revolve around the concepts of cosmos and time. Through each piece, we try to reflect on life’s transcendental questions; framing our collective and individual experiences of the unknown.

Therefore Jupiter is a modular piece composed of spheres and hemispheres stacked together in multiple combinations. It’s based on one of the most primitive, natural and intuitive gestures of the human being: the act of piling up stones on a mound. These ancient constructions, present in all cultures have been employed as physical and spiritual reference points.

Turbina Studio