The Agro Biomaterials Kit consists of the necessary ingredients to make bioplastics at home. It is designed so that you only have to add water and the organic residue itself.The fact that from home a new material can be created from waste gives rise to a change in mentality. It is for this reason that the objective of this product is to publicize the world of biomaterials as well as raise awareness about the second use that we can give to waste.This kit also seeks to create the agro community, where each contribution, no matter how small, helps to research new materials and to continue developing new techniques as well as new applications for these new compostable materials. Thus creating a community where we help each other with the sole purpose of learning, moving forward and achieving a more sustainable present.

Agro is a brand that generates products made with biomaterials from organic waste as a solution to the lack of recycling and also as an alternative to other synthetic materials.The brand pillars move between innovation, sustainability, environmental awareness and design. All of them with the sole purpose of raising public awareness to establish ethical and sustainable values ​​as a way of life.Agro aims to inspire the consumer towards a more sustainable present. Under the slogan: “the present is a little more sustainable thanks to you”, the aim is for the consumer to feel part of the change, where all their actions, no matter how small, make a difference.

Agro Biomaterials