The project unites and goes hand in hand with a collective hope: the revival of Plaça del Carme in Olot. The approach was like acupuncture, a catalogue of actions to give new life to that which already exists, improving urban comfort, invigorating ground floors and highlighting heritage. It is a project of projects, with 3 developers and 8 shopkeepers. It started by reformulating the commission for municipal city planning, allocating 70% of the budget to ground floors, essential for the vitality, comfort and safety of the public space. The project also included the opening of the city’s Art School and the modernisation of an old warehouse for the cooperative l’Artiga. During the nine months that works lasted, the ‘Carme office’ was set up in the square, where we cooked up ideas on how to reactivate the space. This was the meeting point for neighbours, shopkeepers, owners and technicians. In a single year, 1000 m² of shops were opened and 120 m of façade were redesigned.

unparelld’arquitectes is an architectural office led by Eduard Callís and Guillem Moliner and based in Olot, Catalonia, Spain. The team’s projects are a fusion and intersection of diverse worlds and different scales. They encourage exchanges between the infrastructure and the décor, between the residential sphere and the public space, between the city and the garden. They build radiant settings capable of stimulating activity, of narrating a whole new story reflecting real life and crafting an atmosphere based on the characteristics of the space, symbols, materiality and light. They work with and enquire into architecture’s timeless values. The studio’s work has been exhibited, published and awarded internationally.