It’s all about desire. Desire is what makes luxury so attractive, beyond its own appearance. Between dream and reality, DLG workspace reveals a timeless and elegant interior, that is the future of marketing. A poetic world filled with desire, a perfect balance between style & exuberance, making an attractive space for the employees and millennials generation, the clients, where the experience is worth more than the artefact.

Using the space following the façade’s rhythm like a sequence came naturally. The office space becomes a journey, featuring a series of spaces you would like to live and experience. One sequence, one use.

Geneva evokes nature, mountain, felt fabrics and cold tones of blue, black and grey. Pure and straight lines, massive wood. Shanghai urban jungle, inspires interwoven and translucent fabrics, intense and warm shades from mustard to terracotta.

Between tradition and modernity, DLG creative space takes a new twist on tradition by using modern furniture and minimal lines collaborating with craftsmen, a perfect balance between sobriety and sophistication.

DLG new creative space becomes a relaxing office where time stops in a cosy and authentic atmosphere.

We are Bloomint Design.

We are Manu Bauzá, Caroline Jaussaud & Caroline Savin, interior designers and founders of Bloomint design. In 2012, we established an international design studio working from Barcelona with clients around the world. We bring our own multicultural experiences together to create quality projects with bold identities.

Here at Bloomint we design bespoke living spaces for creative people.

Contemporary and timeless, our interiors are carefully designed to establish emotional connections with the people who live in them. We study our client’s program, analyse the space and its surroundings to enhance the project’s identity and make it unique. We are devoted to improving people’s quality of life.