The Green Nest House was launched on the market as a house that promises to revolutionize the sustainable housing market. With its unique design, this modular and prefabricated house mainly built with certified wood was conceived under circular economy principles, simultaneously keeping excellency in its design. Focusing on two main goals, the health and well-being of people and the generation of a positive environmental impact, the design of the Green Nest House combines harmonious, functional, and aesthetically beautiful shapes inspired by Nature, which allows the house to blend with the surrounding, minimizing its visual and environmental impact.

100% SUSTAINABLE, RECYCLABLE AND HEALTHY In collaboration with Energreen Design, specialists in sustainability, energy efficiency, and circular economy applied to construction, ON-A studio designed an aesthetically attractive house also demonstrated to be 100% sustainable. The Green Nest House produces 0% of CO2 emissions, resulting in a global carbon footprint 4 times less than a traditional house. Furthermore, thanks to its optimized design and envelope, every GreenNester – terms used to address the users of the house – saves the work of eight adult trees per year.The construction system behind the Green Nest House guarantees the traceability and the circularity of all the materials used, which can all be recycled at the end of its service life: all the wood comes from certified sustainable forests, the green envelope reduces the energy intake of traditional systems and the photovoltaic panels produce electricity for the whole building. Finally, all the construction materials used for the Green Nest House are certified, healthy, and VOCs and formaldehyde-free, contributing to protecting both human health and the environment.

A UNIQUE DESIGN Naturally lit flexible spaces, natural crossed ventilation, digital infrastructures, acoustic comfort, noble materials, landscape… Within the Green Nest House, all these green conceptual elements take shape into a positive impact architecture that keeps the natural conditions of the environment to form part of it.The interior is composed of three interconnected spaces, wide and open, which continuously maintain the view towards the exterior natural environment. The Green Nest House conceives the building like surroundings that guarantee the maximum comfort level thanks to a well-planned design and a digital infrastructure that supports and responds to every user’s need. Thanks to the integrated Smart Home system, the GreenNesters have total control over their house, by being able to manage and regulate the illumination, the air pollution sensors, the HVAC installations, and many other features.The house is available in three models (S, M, and L), responding to the needs of all kinds of users, with surface values between 70 m2(S) and 130 m2 (L).

ON-AEmpowering Architectural IdeasThe Green Nest House is a revolutionary and ambitious project created by ON-A architecture team with more than 15 years of experience in unique projects within the bio-construction building market. The studio stands out for its innovative capacity of innovation supported by the use of BIM tools and parametric design. Some of the most outstanding projects by ON-A, like the Bio-Tech Tower in Taipei and the proposal for the Nou Camp in Barcelona, highlight the innovative and state-of-the-art spirit that characterizes the studio.