Il·lacions, which in 2011 became Barcelona’s first design gallery, is inaugurating a new space in the city. This unique 250m² former residence in the heart of the Eixample District is the ideal setting to showcase the city’s creative drive and design that transcends industry conventions. 

21st century design, unique pieces and limited-edition series, collectibles, furniture, and objects with an organic connection to an author, creator, or local designer; works whose ethos is of the other type of design, completely distinct from industrial design, and which therefore belong under the banner of “Barcelona Gallery Design”. 

Il·lacions aims to be the catalyst that stimulates new views on design and promotes thinking to shape contemporary values, and together with its creators generating a cultural heritage that reflects this time and this place.

In a context like today’s, Il·lacions believes more than ever before that design is culture, and that culture will provide the necessary perspectives to imagine and construct a better place in which to live. 

Il·lacions wants to be the space that constantly redefines the possibilities of design, where disciplines converge and functional and aesthetic canons are challenged.

A space that represents the creative drive of Barcelona, the courage to advance and expand the territory of design.

When we allow the conceptual and sensual richness of an object, when we support the place of expression of the creator, we generate not only beauty but also content.