Laurent Martin Lo in this new solo exhibition keeps on seeking harmony and balance in his oeuvres. The lines and curves which the mobiles trace, convey a sort of apparent fragility yet strength, due to the use use of bamboo, as the main material, along with copper and steel.

His bamboo structures swing, drawing curves and harmony in the air. With his subtle yet strong gestures, tensions and counterweights, the artist tells us about a fragile harmony that is achieved using opposites: flexibility and strength, fullness and void, light and shadow, movement and quietness. “Lo” invites the spectator to begin a personal dialogue with him/herself looking for calm, serenity and balance in nature.

Lo’s creative process has been mainly an evolution one. His creativity lies within his deep knowledge and understanding of bamboo. His artistic palette is within the physical and sensorial virtues of bamboo: its very sophisticated organic structure, but also its energy as well as its spirituality. Establishing an intimate dialogue with bamboo, Laurent experiments its flexibility, resistance, density, lightness, mathematics and poetry. A language that allows him to combine both tension and compression, creating sculptures based on movement and balance.

Alzueta Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the city center of Barcelona. Located in the unique and singular spaces of an old textile factory.

The main goal of Alzueta Gallery is to represent the time in which it lives. To be the creative reflection that unites the will, the works and the desires, of the contemporary creators that it represents. Young, emerging and consolidated artists, Spanish and foreign artists, all of them united by one criterion, the eye of an aesthetic that tries to transgress the first and subtle layer of the form, to reach deeper places, where the ethic is the main purpose of art.

With an international vocation, Alzueta Gallery is present on all five continents, through Art Fairs, Collectors, Art Advisors, Digital platforms, and more, all this in order to make the gallery and its ethics reach Barcelona as many viewers as possible.

Alzueta Gallery is committed to modernity, radicalism, transformation, ideas and to the politics of change, to everything that, from art, can improve people’s lives.