Multi-family building with 5 homes and two commercial premises located in Poblenou, Barcelona. The project solves a corner plot of irregular geometry by placing a cylindrical vertical communications core in the center that concentrates all the facilities and services necessary for the homes. This gesture frees up the entire perimeter, and allows the fitting of two passing apartments on the second and third floors. On the attic floor, which contains a single home, the nucleus reveals its circular geometry and fosters an apartment that develops around it. This core of vertical communication opens to the street both on the ground floor and on the first and second floors, and to the sky in its highest part. In this way, relationships are established with the city at different times of the route and the natural lighting and ventilation of the common elements is favored.

ARQUITECTURA-G is a Barcelona-based architectural practice founded in 2006. They work applying the best custom-made solutions in search of a humane architecture. They have a broad experience in renovation of historical architecture and their current work combines international projects of unique renovations and new constructions.Their work has been widely published in national and international media, and has received several awards, most notably the Emerging Architect Prize of theEuropean Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture– Mies van der Rohe Award 2015. In addition to their architectural practice, they are in charge of the architecture section of Apartamento Magazine, and they established the furniture company Indoors in 2012.