“The Nature Gate” by Barcelona Studio, Atelier Entropic in collaboration with Studio4Space is a mixed-use architectural design for a Kindergarten and library in Poland.

The project joins two rational boxes together with an umbilical cord, functioning simultaneously as a connecting rooftop playground and a gateway, celebrating the barrier between urban and nature, ground, and sky. The two primary volumes are optimized to their own individual programmatic requirements, a strip typology with south-facing classrooms for the kindergarten, and a deeper more storage-like plan for the library, maximizing function, internal comfort, environmental response, and cost-efficiency. Located in the umbilical cord, the looser programs are found such as the internal gymnasium/playground for the kindergarten and a café space for the library. The inclined interior creates unique spatial qualities, allowing for a variety of creative usage, simple gestures yet maximum interactive capabilities. The space encourages users to play, socialize, climb, lie, sit, roll, perform, slide and more!

Atelier Entropic is a newly established architecture studio, working in Barcelona and designing for both the local and international market.

Entropic is committed to re-imaging the built environment, in urbanism and architecture with a focus on livability, contemporary challenges, and architectural innovation. Our multi-disciplinary team consists of Architects, Urbanists and Engineers.