As modern day living requires the reinterpretation of our collective societal needs, food production and its processing have become a main focus for self-sufficiency. Valldaura Labs has been involved in revitalizing the agricultural potential of the historic mountain valley it is located within. The Solar Greenhouse represents the next bold step towards transforming the lessons of this local condition into a more ecologically focused agricultural solution for the wider urban context. This project was constructed almost entirely by a group of international students, the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings and Biocities Class of 2021, during a 4 month period, a feat of incredible determination and self-organization. This project exemplifies all of the lessons the students learn over their 11-month intensive program. The Solar Greenhouse attempts to speak to both the local context of Valldaura Labs and the wider design challenges of architectural growth in the age of climate change.

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is a centre for research, education, production and outreach, with the mission of envisioning the future habitat of our society and building it in the present.IAAC follows the digital revolution at all scales (from bits to geography, from micro-controllers to cities, from materials to the territory) to expand the boundaries of architecture and design and meet the challenges faced by humanity. IAAC is an experimental and experiential centre where one learns by doing, through a test methodology that promotes real solutions.IAAC is an open, independent and radical non-profit foundation, with 20 years of activity; inspired by the values of Barcelona, the capital of architecture and design, where urbanism was invented and where a local high quality and innovation-oriented research is connected to an international network of excellence in technology, architecture and society fields.