The work “Privilege of a fake abundance” is born from the concept that we socially understand as “poverty” and “abundance”, in the context of the contemporaneity of the first world, and opens a dialogue around the consumption of finite and democratized resources such as water. Each new advance makes our lifestyle easier throughout human history, but what is the natural human relationship with our environment? With an action as mundane as turning on the faucet in our kitchens, the work makes visible the privilege of our standards of living, and its relationship to the value of seemingly infinite resources, opening a dialogue around our consumption habits.

“In 50 years there could be a massive drought in Spain” or “Barcelona suffers the greatest drought in history”.Water is an essential resource for development. A symbol of life and abundance, of fertility and now, a consumer good that we get without much effort and value only when we lack it. In an open faucet, water seems to flow without beginning or end, while the dishes wait to be washed.

Nicole Vindel (1992) is a Barcelona-based transdisciplinary artist and designer generating new narratives of food. Born in Guatemala, grown in Girona, and with mixed roots, she has been living between Israel and Spain. Her strong connection with cultures brought her to intertwine diverse fields as interaction, identities, ecologies, and everything in between. Nicole has been described by Vogue Spain as a Food Artistcombining intellectual and formal beauty to generate cognitive conflict with her artworks. Since researching advanced materials and applying them in high cuisine with El Celler de Can Roca she has been exploring gastronomy aiming to reconnect with food through symbolism, senses, and cultural diversity. Next to this, she is the founder of Random Happiness, an art collective using happiness as a revolutionary tool, and Food Design Nation, a digital platform to collectively design better futures of food. From there she works actively in co-creation projects, teaches at universities such as Elisava, IED, or LCI; and has worked with FoodCultura Foundation, Open Restaurants Jerusalem, and El Tercer Paraíso, among others.

Nicole Vindel