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Max Enrich


Max Enrich’s work seeks to provoke the user by breaking down the barriers between function and form. He believes in the infinite potential of the most common materials, exploring new creative processes and raising attention to the ordinary through a playful approach, where color is key. Stone, metal, wood and glass have been his best partners so far. He experiments around the concept of how the familiarity and roughness of this materials can turn into something graceful and delicate.

other projects and exhibitions

- Camp Design Gallery, Milán, Novembre 2020
- Paradoxical Exhibition, Barcelona, Octubre 2020
- The Table Knife Project, Barcelona, Octubre 2020
- Galería Marta, Los Ángeles, Septiembre 2020
- Collectible Design, Bruselas, Marzo 2020
- Design for Posidonia, Barcelona, Noviembre 2019



Tel.: (+34) 650 71 05 57


Instagram: @maxenrich

This Aiguafreda water vase is part of an edition of 40 different vases.

Gerra aiguafreda

It plays with weight and counter-weight to keep a flower in vertical position. The counterweight is used as the base and creates an optical illusion working as a magnifier when filled with water. Filling it requires an easy ritual: you just need to make sure all air gets out of the base before filling the vertical tube.

It is a simple piece made by two borosilicate tubes, hand-blown and welded together.