Basket and tweezers BBQ

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Basket and tweezers BBQ

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We are a product design & innovation agency.

We help companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs and organisations to grow by thinking, creating and developing compelling product and services experiences.
Stimulo’s methodology is composed of a 4-step itinerary which takes your project from detecting business opportunities to production. It is an agile, user-centered, market-oriented system focused on the delivery of value from minute 1.

other projects and exhibitions

- MIDORI (2020) Hydroponic Urban Garden, Providing an easy solution to grow your own ecological veggies at home.
- SUIFF (2018) A collaboration with Estel Group to provide a strength sensor and accessories to fitness lovers.
- VIUHO (2018) Viuho is a satellite connection device that enables you to be always connected, in touch, and safe, wherever you are.
- WAVEMON (2018) Personal EMF Monitor. Keeping you away from electromagnetic hazard for Wavecontrol.
- EASYSIMS (2018) A pillow that corrects the incorrect position of a fetus during childbirth for VHIR (Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca)
- H2020 SPARK PROJECT (2018) Augmented Reality platform, an effective tool for co-creation.



Multi Basket 
Grilling delicate items such as small fish, vegetables – even whole mushrooms is easily achieved with the generously proportioned Fervor Multi Basket.
With a detachable handle, the multi basket can be cleaned in the sink or placed in the dishwasher.
Store in the storage drawer or inside the storage cabinet of your Fervor barbecue ready for next time.

The long handle is firm and comfortable with a rubber painted finish for a secure grip.
The narrow shaped ‘head’, with its low profile design, allows the tongs to pass under food easily and grips securely.
The smart push & pull locking system closes the tongs easily by pulling the orange lock into position.

At 410 mm in length, Fervor’s Everyday Tong striking appearance is a stylish addition to your outdoor entertaining area.
Hang your Everyday Tong from your Fervor barbecue or store away in the handy storage drawer.