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Since its beginnings in 1964, Kettal has had an international calling to design and innovation. In the first years of the 21st century, Kettal acquired the brands, Hugonet, Triconfort, which came together to form Grupo Kettal.

Today, Kettal works with the most important names in international design: Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Hella Jongerlius and Emiliana Design studio.

Kettal’s raison d’être is the creation of timeless furniture, functional and expressive, which represents a contemporary culture and provides solutions to the emerging needs of modern life, based on a blend of creativity, customisation, innovation and modern production. Outdoor furniture.

Kettal develops products specifically for each project.

Bela lamps are colourful, versatile and they can be placed directly on the floor, suspended or used as a standing lamp.


Bela ropes were designed by Doshi Levien in 2017 as a new outdoor material for Kettal’s material palette.

Designed primarily as a textile material to be used on Furniture, Doshi Levien saw an opportunity to illuminate the 17 different colours of Bela ropes by creating lamps for outdoors.

The aim was to make a lamp with a continuous length of rope in a form referencing the texture and lightness of traditional handwoven lanterns. Every year in India there is a kite festival and the streets are lined with enormous spinning frames wound with colourful kite string.

These light wooden structures gave Doshi Levien the idea for the frames or spools onto which the Bela ropes are clipped.