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We are an award-winning multidisciplinary design firm established in 2002 in Barcelona. After almost two decades, we remain passionate and coherent about our core ideology: making design an aide to companies and brand names by creating distinctive environments and experiences across the fields of architecture, interior and industrial design.

other projects and exhibitions

- Hotel Empordà Golf Club, Palafrugell, Espanya, 2020
- Oficines Barcelona Global, Barcelona, Espanya, 2020
- Petrol Ofisi Headquarters, Estambul, Turquía, 2019
- The Populist Bebek, Estambul, Turquía, 2018
- Restaurant Pur, Barcelona, Espanya, 2018
- La Cervecista, Madrid, Espanya, 2018
- Hotel ME Sitges Terramar, Sitges, Espanya, 2018
- Oficines Campus Planeta, Barcelona, Espanya, 2017
- La Petite Maison, Estambul, Turquía, 2017
- JTI- Japan Tabacco International, Estambul, Turquía, 2017
- Round Collection, 2019
- Taburet Bebek, 2018
- Taula Cross, 2018
- Taula Tube, 2018
- Bold Deck Chair, 2018
- Bold Collection, 2017
- Arrels Barcelona, 2017


Adress: Pamplona 96-104, local 12. 08018 Barcelona

+34 933568405

Instagram: @lagranja_design

Linkedin: Lagranja Design

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Lagranja Collection

Lagranja Collection brings together various collections and pieces of furniture designed and edited by us at Lagranja Design. Chairs, tables, sofas and poufs with a design equally honest and fun, manufactured with great care using quality materials.

All the pieces you’ll find here have been created to meet the needs of our interior design projects. So although the beautiful chair, fun pouf or soft armchair you see was designed in Barcelona, it may have originally been thought up in Istanbul, Hong Kong or Singapore.

Lagranja Collection is a project that is constantly evolving and growing with each of the studio’s new projects.

The story of Lagranja Collecction includes the Basic and Bold Collections, which started off this adventure in 2012.

With the Basic Collection we wanted to create a collection with a Nordic look and Mediterranean warmth. The design of the Bold Collection is true to its name: it is bold and eye-catching, yet comfortable and welcoming.

Lagranja Collection has also grown with new poufs and side tables, all following the same philosophy: simple, friendly shapes that create pieces both hard-wearing and versatile. We design furniture to be enjoyed for a long time.



Adress: C/ Pamplona 96-104, local 12. 08018 Barcelona

Tel: 872 200 430

Instagram: @lagranjacollection

LinkedIn: Lagranja Collection

Drink coffee like an Italian with some help!

Coffe Cup

Many people have no idea how to drink coffee the right way. With an Italian co-founder, in Lagranja we learned it a long time ago. 

Suddenly we realized we had to save the others from bad ways of drinking coffee. Just like Italians know since day one the correct amount of coffee they need to add in a mug, we designed a coffee cup that has the right amounts embedded in its shape: first ring for ristretto and the second one for espresso.

The result is the smallest object we’ve ever designed: a little cup of coffee, containing enough energy to help people solve the biggest issues in life.

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Name of the image
Coffe Cup


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