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Martí Guixé


Martí Guixé (Barcelona 1964) Formed in Barcelona and in Milan as an interior and industrial designer. In 1994, living in Berlin, he formulated a new way to understand the culture of products. Guixé started to exhibit his work in 1997, work that characterizes on the search for new product systems, the introduction of design in food ambits and presentation through performance. His non-conventional gaze provides brilliant and simple ideas of a curious seriousness.

He is based in Barcelona and Berlin and work as a Designer for worldwide companies. Recent publications: On Flower Power, Corraini Edizioni, 2019 (ISBN 978-88-7570-799-6), Transition Menu, Corraini Edizioni, 2013 (ISBN 978-88-7570-392-9), Martí Guixé, Food Designing, Corraini Edizioni, 2010 (ISBN 978-88-7570-249-6), Martí Guixé Cook book, Imschoot Publishers (ISBN 9077362045) and Don´t buy it if you don´t need it. All Marti Guixe´s Camper Commodityscapes. (ISBN 13 84 609 9135 0). Exhibitions at MoMA (New York), MuDAC (Lausanne), MACBA (Barcelona), La Galleria Nazionale (Rome) and Centre Pompidou (Paris). Ciutat de Barcelona Prize, 1999 and National Design Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya 2007. Since 2014 professor of Food Design in the Scuola Politecnica di Milano, SPD.

other projects and exhibitions

Recent exhibitions
2020 Food by Martí Guixé @maxxicasamondo | Maxxi Digital Exhibition | Rome
2020 Serial Eater. Food Design Stories | Collective exhibit | Grand-Hornu
2019 Digital DARK Food | Juan Naranjo Galería de Arte & Documentos | Barcelona
2019 On Flower Power | Exhibition | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome

Recent projects
2020 Food Ideas | SPD | Milan
2020 Intuitive Brochure | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome
2020 Exit World Map | Here Is Martí, The Personal Globe | Palomar | Florence
2020 Sala delle Colonne: new membrane pattern flooring | La Galleria Nazionale | Rome
2019 Beer Mug | Estrella Damm
2018 Trans-natural shop | OGR | Turin
2018 DZTrojan | Damm | Barcelona

Recent lectures / workshops / jury

Jury member of the Premios Professional Edition. Elisava, Barcelona
Jury member of JOOP. Japan Olive Oil Prize, Tokyo
Jury member of the ADI Cultura FAD prize. Barcelona
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan

Today at Apple, Apple shop Milan
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Speaker in the Elisava Food Design Forum, Barcelona
TIME. Debate at La Galleria Nazionale, Rome
Lecture and forum discussion in the International Food Design Forum. East China Normal University, Shanghai

Lecture in Food Friction Art Research conference, Arnhem
Jury member of the Madrid Design Festival award, Madrid
Jury member of the GRAFFICA premios, Valencia
Lecture and masterclass in MAK Future Lab. Vienna Design Week
Pannel discusion in Food Revolution 5.0, Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
Professor in the master of Food Design at the SPD, Milan
Lecture at the Bocuse d’Or Europe OFF, Fondazione Sandretto Re- Rebaudengo, Torino
Lecture and panel discusion in Talking Pictures, New York Rights Fair, Parsons School of Design, New York.
Lecture in Wilde, Welt, Wald Festival. BBM, Unbesandten, Germany
Key note speaker at Design Principle and Practices 2018 Edition, Elisava, Barcelona
Workshop in the Free University of Bolzano
Lecture at the Madrid Design Festival
Lecture at Kunsthochschule Kassel

Recent books
2019 On Flower Power | Exhibition Catalogue | Corraini Ed.
2019 Face Book Box | Corraini Ed.
2018 Social Movement Design Book | Corraini Ed.

2018 Design prize, Madrid Design Festival
2017 Graffica prize, spain
2016 Culture finalist ADI AWARD
2014 Architecture FAD International Award
2011 Innovative Media Prize and Special Prize for Innovative Marketing at Vuoden Huiput Awards Finland
2011 Design PLUS ISM
2010 3rd Prize Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, Paris
2007 National design Price of the Generalitat de Catalunya
2006 Honorable mention to FoodBALL, Travel and leisure design award, USA
2004 Design Plus award. Frankfurt Ambiente.
2004 Useful and Agreeable design award, Vancouver, Canada
2003 1st price Expohogar.
1999 Ciutat de Barcelona Design Prize
1985 INFAD medal of interior design


In November 2015 we started the project of the Ex-Designer Project Bar in an empty space on Calle Entença in Barcelona. Over the years, the space was constructed using three 3D printers to eventually create walls, a bar, lights, posters, letters, stools, glasses, plates and cutlery. All elements were digitally drawn and printed with additive printing technology in grey corn-based PLA. Plates and glassware were produced in colorless gastronomy-grade PLA.

The project meant printing the space even as the bar being open for business, with standard opening hours and times booked for events, conferences and performances.

The original plan was to finish in 2017, to coincide with the 20-year anniversary of my first exhibition, SPAMT + Techno-Tapas in Galería H2O in Barcelona. This was to include the finished interior of the bar and to convert the 3D printers to subsequently produce food, the bar snacks.

In 2017, at the DS20Y17′ exhibition held at the Galería H2O to commemorate these 20 years, Digital Spamt was presented. It was a 3D printed version of the mythical SPAMT, but the project was not entirely successful. We concluded that it wasn’t possible to print healthy and tasty snacks for a normally operating bar with any regularity or predictability. In 2019, Digital Nachos, made by 3D printing corn flour, were presented, but the results were generally unsatisfactory and required an outsized effort.

Not only were there problems relating to 3D printing food, but the bar itself had fallen behind schedule and was only 37% complete.

The bar interior was finished in February 2020, at the time when the pandemic was spreading around the globe. Lockdown began and forced the bar’s closure, and it remains closed.

The Ex-Designer Project Bar is finished and an inauguration is forthcoming.

On Tour

The printing process of the interior of the Ex-Designer Project Bar was completed last February 2020. It had functioned as a working bar for over five years while simultaneously printing itself. A launch party was impossible due to the spread of COVID-19 and since then, the bar has been closed. An inauguration is forthcoming.

Transportable canvas as a base for painting was invented during the Renaissance. Ezra Pound believed it represented the beginning of capitalism and the democratization of the art world. Paintings, which had once been painted on walls and were thus connected to a building itself became, with canvas, easy to transport and relocate. They could therefore be more easily traded and sold.

In colonial times, the plundering of works of art by European countries, specifically architectural monuments, consisted of their extraction, transport and relocation to European museum rooms for their protection and exhibition.

The Ex-Designer Project Bar will be disassembled and rebuilt piece by piece into a self-supporting structure that will allow its mobility and display, decontextualized from the current location of Carrer Entença 3 in Barcelona.

With this process, the Ex-Designer Project Bar interior becomes the Ex-Designer Project Bar object.


In June 2021 the process of dismantling the bar began and the first PLA pieces have been extracted from the walls, to be repositioned in 23 ultralight wooden panels measuring 122x250cm, and 7 ceiling panels measuring 122x356cm. The total number of panels will be 30 and these will be stored in transport boxes.

Photographed by Inga Knölke.


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