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BAG Disseny Studio


BAG Disseny is a multidisciplinar design studio co-funded by Sandra Compte and Xavier Mora in 2002 between Barcelona, Andorra & Girona, that`s why BAG.

We dedicate ourselves to creating new codes and searching for new visual forms of communication, creative and innovative. Simple and direct solutions is how we define ourselves.

Our tools are ideas, concepts, shapes, senses, materials, typography, color, volume, impact… and our aim is to satisfy the real need of each project, taking pleasure in doing so.

other projects and exhibitions

- Elisava Base Camp 2018 / 2019
- Maison and Objet Paris 2019
- Master in Creative Process 2018 / 2019
- Barcelona Design Week 2019
- MIDA Florencia 2020


Livingthings is a publishing house devoted to people who are responsive to objects. People who usually pay attention to small things: gestures, gazes, lights, scents, sounds, objects. People who have their own way of looking and seeing, who like to live amidst stimulating sensations and create unique atmospheres, singular personal spaces of their own. People of an emotional depth that can on occasion prove catching … and we are fortunate enough to have caught on!

Livingthings aspires to arouse emotions, to encourage and suggest, trigger sensations, elicit feelings, reflections and smiles. And we hope do so through objects that are endearing because they exude the thrill of their creation, pieces that have an inspiring quality and that, like everything created with care and respect, convey the radiance of attention.

Livingthings are objects that speak. They speak of beauty, proportion, brightness and rhythm; they speak of sensitivity and experimentation, of culture, boldness, humour and magic; they speak of ideas and concepts, of ways of thinking and ways of living.Above all else, however, livingthings speak of their owners.

The publishing house starts on December 2014 as a new adventure of BAG.Disseny studio. The team formed by Sandra Compte and Xavier Mora continue betting on new ideas and projects. Livingthings’ first steps are thanks to Voltasol’s pot presented in ” Girona, Temps de Flors 2014 “, with a great reception, and simultaneously, provoking the look it commits an outrage of spectators:  ” .. rolling pots!?!  .. “.

Flames are apparently burning, but not this.


Made of a single piece of natural cork from Girona. The result, a singular trivet where it will be impossible to find 2 identical ones, like flames at last. But this flames do not burn, on right side dissipates heat and saves tablecloths or tables, while the reverse, maintaine the warmth of succulent dishes, just a little more!

Flames are made from natural cork extracted from nearby forests, and guarantee traceability and true to our commitment to the environment, to minimize emissions. We are proud to contribute to combat climate change with a negative environmental impact.

Created for publishing house, livingthings, and hand worked out of cork, a natural material, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable, which from proper forest management guarantees their sustainability contributes to the protection of biodiversity in producing areas and prevents desertification.

After a long process, where crude cork is extracted from cork trees after 8 -10 years growing, then reposes for a while to be boiled and proceeds to a stabilization in temperature and humidity controlled, prior to choose best parts and qualities.
Above all else, in natural cork you will find only hihgt quality, with characteristics that make each unique and natural flames piece!  .. like livingthings.