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Jorge Pensi

Mobles 114

Founded in 1973, Mobles 114 is a company based in Barcelona that specializes in producing contemporary furniture and fittings. Our mission is to create products that improve the quality of public places and homes.

Our aim is to create an affinity with those using our products and to share the experience offered by well-designed furniture and objects.

We advocate both modernity and tradition:  modernity in new designs and tradition in reproducing the items of furniture and objects that form part of our Classic collection. We’re committed to improving people’s quality of life and preserving the environment and we contribute by producing timeless furniture that withstands the passing of time: tasteful, discreet and fad-free.

We have faith in the talent and know-how of our designers to create furniture that lasts; universal pieces of furniture with their own character that help to enhance architecture and add comfort to spaces in different cultures in the world. For Mobles 114, producing means choosing the best designers for the products in our catalogue: promoting creativity through our firm commitment to aesthetic, contemporary values.

We have a holistic approach that goes beyond the product. Our furniture is made in Barcelona and then distributed around the world, always taking these values into account.




phone: 932 600 114

instagram: @mobles114


The Gimlet swivel stool is made up of a polyurethane foam swivel seat and a painted steel struc-ture with a chrome foot rest. It’s suitable for furnishing cafeterias, catering businesses and interior decors.


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