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They introduce me.

Her name is Marina. She was born in Barcelona in 1990.

She graduated in graphic design from BAU design university center, where she subsequently completed a master’s degree in Motion Graphics and 3D, and later, a master’s degree in Research and Experimentation in Design.

She works as a freelance and collaborates with various studios with all kinds of projects; packaging, marketing, branding, illustration, etc. In 2015 she began to collaborate with Bau in the monitoring of final degree projects and currently teaches in several of the project classes.

After being awarded the 2018 Crema Award at the Blanc Festival, she received the talent belt awarded to the best emerging design studio. And the possibility of continuing to train with a Master in PostGraphics.

Collaboration channels are also being opened with various institutions or organizations such as: Encants Barcelona, ​​Poblenou Urban District (WAC), …

It is minimalistly baroque and somewhat kitch. You place a lot of importance on personal work, as this is where you can research and experiment with new techniques and graphic languages. That is why it is always open to new challenges. She loves participating in art and design competitions so she can develop creativity exercises and train her blonde neurons. It is characterized by having a very marked personal style but at the same time, by knowing how to adapt to the needs of the clients in each new project that it undertakes.

She likes to look at old photos, she loves sushi, wraps gifts, she also sings in the shower and if her knee hurts, it’s going to rain.

other projects and exhibitions

"Survival objects" (Galería de arte La plataforma, 2020)
"29 KITSCH"Museo de Vilafamés, 2020)
"Llum Bcn" (La Plataforma, 2020)
"Foodture" (2019)
"Girls Power vol. I" (2019)
"Espectres" (La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, 2018)


Marina Salazar from Barcelona

Graphic designer

Instagram: noquedatinte

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