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Lékué is a company with headquarters in Barcelona, known for its design and innovative approach to kitchen, cooking and “To Go” range of products.

We are designers and manufacturers offering unique and efficient solutions to products, gadgets and utensils of high quality and durability, which will help you in the kitchen, thanks to their ingenious design, and will even change the face of traditional cooking.



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Drink, collapse and go!

Mug to go

The Mug To Go is a 100% leaking proof reusable collapsible cup. It allows to enjoy hot drinks on the go!
This cup quickly collapses into a disk which stows anywhere.

It’s an alternative to disposable cups: 1 million of disposable cups ends up in landfill every minute. Use the Mug To Go to take away your coffee, reuse it and help the earth instead of using disposable cups.

It’s designed for both left-handed and right-handed. You can choose the cap position. Also there are two ways to hold the cup: with the handle or with a protective band that allows to handle when the cup is hot.

It can be safely used in the microwave (heat 1 min. maximum) and in the dishwasher.

100% Platinum Silicone & PP: premium materials that are food contact, long-lasting and BPA Free.

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Mug to go


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