Olive Tasting

Rosa Cortiella Campabadal

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Rosa Cortiella Campabadal


Graduated in Fine Arts, professionally dedicated to ceramics since 1988. Interested in formal and artistic experimentation in the ceramic medium. Her multidisciplinary training allows her to move from sculpture to product development. For a long time her work has focused on the design and production of limited series, mainly in the field of haute cuisine. She combines her professional facet with ceramic courses. Her work has been professionally recognized in national and international exhibitions and competitions.


+34 656 687 545
93 340 74 89
Instagram: rosacortiella

Restaurant Can Jubany

Olive tasting

The chef elaborates his creations from a concept, developing a speech to turn the gustatory, olfactory, visual and tactile instant of each guest in an extraordinary experience, complementing each preparation with an elegant presentation.

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Olive tasting


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