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Michela Mezzavilla


Michela Mezzavilla, architect and Certified Lighting Designer (CLD, APDI), is one of the founders of reMM studio, a Barcelona-based office dedicated to architecture and lighting design. Actively committed to promoting the culture of light and design as means to improve people’s lives, she enjoys taking part in workshops, talks and cultural initiatives. She frequently publishes articles and posts in related media and also lectures in design schools such as Istituto Europeo di Design, ELISAVA and Universidad Politecnica de Catalunya.

other projects and exhibitions

Relevant lighting design projects and installations:
2020 – Xapo Digital Bank, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, for La Granja Design
2020 – Lluria Lighting Showroom, Barcelona, Spain, for Lluria Lighting System
2020 – Guitar Club, Barcelona, Spain, for Singular Pro
2019 – Desigual Concept store, Milan, Italy, for TSS architects
2019 – Petrol Ofices, Istanbul, Turkey, for Lagranja Design
2018 – Inmaterial, Light installation, Llum BCN, Barcelona, Spain
2018 – Pur / Impur by Nandu Jubany Restaurant, Barcelona for La Granja Design
2018- Populist Bebek Brewery, Istanbul for Lagranja Design
2017 – Hotel Radisson Blu Kampala, Uganda, for Creneau international
2017, WAV! - inside the frame, Light installation, Barcelona, Madrid, Ankara


Simon is the head of an industrial group specialised in technological solutions for lighting, light control, connectivity and electrical materials for contract projects (retail, hospitality, workplace) and residential projects. In all these fields, Simon maintains a firm commitment to design and innovation, which led it to receive the National Design Award granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness on its one hundredth anniversary.

After positioning itself as a leader in the Spanish market, the company has consolidated its presence in more than 90 countries, where it promotes business areas ranging from small electrical materials, to control systems, connectivity, architectural, interior and urban lighting, and electric vehicle recharging. The Simon Group team is made up of 4,000 people around the world, with facilities in 15 countries, 9 of which have production centres.

Simon understands spaces as the centre of users’ homes, and allows them to fill those spaces with light, to create atmospheres that invite sensations, that they can touch, see, hear…and feel. Its technology allows users to create a multitude of experiences that adapt to their lifestyle and make life easier, with the desired intensity and nuance.


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Nathalie Naval, Corporate Branding Communication Manager

Phone: +34 93 344 08 00

Web: simonelectric.com

Instagram: @simonElectric   

Facebook: @SimonElectricES

Twitter: @SimonElectricES

Linkedin: company/Simon

Youtube: @SimonElectricity


# Pulse897 is a lighting performance that turns the windows of Simon’s old factory in the Poble Nou neighborhood of Barcelona into a large dynamic light matrix. The project is inspired by the design of the famous Push Button 897 by Simon, made of red bakelite on a black background, and it aims to metaphorically illustrate various aspects of the interaction between people, light and sound.A light matrix is ​​generated through the repetition of luminous elements inspired by this button, evoking the aesthetics of futuristic cinematographic scenes and iconic designs of the late 60s, contemporary of the button and the building itself. The performance consists of a pass of different sequences in which the lights generates dynamisms synchronized with an hypnotic soundtrack, designed for the occasion.