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Antoni Arola


He studied interior design in Barcelona. In 1994 founded Estudi Arola.

His projects cover highly diverse fields such as lighting projects for various design firms like Santa & Cole,Vibia, Viabizzuno, pieces of furniture and perfume containers, as well as interior design projects and ephemeral installations.

He combines his professional career with teaching, workshops, artistic experimentation and research into light. His eternal and continuous investigation into beauty, inspired by ancestral cultures and his own particular way of looking at light, confer on him a unique versatility which filters through into each project.

His work has been shown in individual and collective exhibitions around the world in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, London, Mexico, New York and Tokyo.

Among other prizes, Arola has been awarded with the National Design Prize in 2003, four times winner of a Silver Delta Design Awards, and in 2012 winner of a Red Dot Design Award.

other projects and exhibitions

- Reflexions.3 Mxc, Antoni Arola. Mextropoli. Laboratorio Arte Alameda. CDMX. March 2020.

- Reflexions.2 China, Antoni Arola. Chasing for The Polaris. Tulou, China. December 2019.

- Clio R5 2, Antoni Arola. Family of lampshades. 2019. For Il·lacions Design Gallery.
 Presented at Collectible Fair 2019.


Simon is the head of an industrial group specialised in technological solutions for lighting, light control, connectivity and electrical materials for contract projects (retail, hospitality, workplace) and residential projects. In all these fields, Simon maintains a firm commitment to design and innovation, which led it to receive the National Design Award granted by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness on its one hundredth anniversary.

After positioning itself as a leader in the Spanish market, the company has consolidated its presence in more than 90 countries, where it promotes business areas ranging from small electrical materials, to control systems, connectivity, architectural, interior and urban lighting, and electric vehicle recharging. The Simon Group team is made up of 4,000 people around the world, with facilities in 15 countries, 9 of which have production centres.

Simon understands spaces as the centre of users’ homes, and allows them to fill those spaces with light, to create atmospheres that invite sensations, that they can touch, see, hear…and feel. Its technology allows users to create a multitude of experiences that adapt to their lifestyle and make life easier, with the desired intensity and nuance.


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Nathalie Naval, Corporate Branding Communication Manager

Phone: +34 93 344 08 00


Instagram: @simonElectric   

Facebook: @SimonElectricES

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Linkedin: company/Simon

Youtube: @SimonElectricity


1. [n] An image reflected by a mirror, a shiny surface, water, etc.
2. [U] The action or process of reflecting heat, sound, light, etc.
4b. [C often pl] A written or spoken expression of sth that has been carefully considered.

Reflexions is an experimental project that is the result of many months of work, collaborations and research into light.

Reflexions wasn’t a project: it was more like a path to follow. There was an overriding desire to work with light in a different way, within a separate paradigm. We believe that it was this desire that ultimately gave rise to the central concept of the project: to cease working with light as a mere source and instead to appreciate it as it fades, in its initial spark and the transformation brought about by its reflexion. The feeling that somehow it was just out of reach, that it was alive, was so captivating it drove us to continue experimenting until we achieved the perfect result.

One of the other premises of the project was collaborating with other artists, incorporating other ideas. We had the privilege of working with Lolo & Sosaku, sharing in their poetry but also in their genius and we have learnt so much about their world. They are responsible for the sound design installation that enhances the whole experience.

We have been able to work in an inspiring space – thanks to the generosity of SIMON – which has been instrumental in the project.

Finally, the studio team, lead this time by Max Milà, was another great asset: their work and all that they brought to the project caused illusions to become light, a great light.

I hope that you can enjoy your experience in this inspiring place of reflexions, and above all, peace.