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We are Brosmind. Juan and Alejandro Mingarro. Born in Spain in 1978 and 1981. We are brothers, friends, enemies, illustrators, artists, amateur tech designers, video enthusiasts, bocadillo de fuet lovers, fathers, sons, husband/boyfriend, lecturers, occasional musicians. In 2007 we founded our studio in Barcelona where we work with all of the above disciplines through commissions, personal projects and exhibitions. Our work has been published, exhibited and awarded worldwide. Gracias for watching.

other projects and exhibitions

- Launch to the Moon – Parc Central, Guangzhou, 2019
- (Super)vivencias, el arte de diseñar lo cotidiano (Collective) – Sala Amós Salvador, Logroño, 2019
- Mostra Internacional de Ilustración Contemporánea (Collective) – Sede Afundación Santiago, Santiago de Compostela, 2019
- Boom Boom Brosmind – Zhongzheng District, Taipei, 2018 
- Extravaganza Christmas – Chongqing Times Square, Chongqing, 2017 


Brosmind Studio

Carrer d’Oliana 4, Bajo, 08006 Barcelona SPAIN

+34 938 288 308

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Behance: @brosmind

We regularly collaborate with the publication M le magazine du Monde illustrating restaurant reviews.

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