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The Others is a creative production studio based in Barcelona & Brussels. We believe in strong ideas that create great human experiences in Design & Motion. We work for people with whom we share mutual respect, and we aim to connect with values, challenges and dreams. We believe in strong ideas that can materialise in functional design and create great human experiences. As team of diverse human beings, we like to do many different things and mix diverse techniques to express and transform the world we live in.

Since 2014, following a growing demand of audiovisual contents focused on design, advertising, interaction, museography, events and immersive experiences, The Others was born with a clear multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary vocation, using graphic and motion design to carry all kinds of projects and ideas from conceptualization to execution.

Through the years the team has worked and directed projects together with companies such as Adidas, Reebok, Seat, Telefonica, Iberia, E-dreams, Cisco, LIDL, European Commission, Creative Media Europe, European Institute of Technology (EIT), Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA, European Commission) among others.

other projects and exhibitions

- Foodture Barcelona, 2020
- Significats, 2020
- Cisco Live, MWC 2019
- Urbact City Festival, 2018
- 7.5 Million Futures, 2018

Significats is a love letter to Catalan.

By making a tribute to the most beautiful words of this language through a communication project that encompasses both a visual and interactive experience, we want to show the beauty of Catalan.

From a series of static, dynamic and interactive visual pieces, Significats plays with visual poetry to explore emotions that convey the chosen words, by focusing only on the expression of the word itself, one font family only and with the combination of two colours (black and white). With these parameters set, the project plays only with shapes, composition and interaction to synthesize the meaning of a particular word.

Catalan, the language we use to dream and love, is often eclipsed in everyday life. With this project, we want to reclaim the beauty of Catalan, by helping understand its sonority and musicality in an emotional way that goes beyond the word itself.

We have created Significats to build awareness of Catalan and encourage its use, bringing to the public the most beautiful words of our language.