Satellite embodies a border concept between a landscaping element and urban furnishing, which makes the most of the capacities of UHPC concrete to create a seat platform that is used as an individual or shared lounger. Its formal design, in a contemporary style and with rounded lines, generates a skin wrap that is transformed into a sophisticated, ergonomic back.

The Satellites are social places for meeting and getting to know people, places for group discussion that promote a sense of community in the cities.

The core idea behind Satellite is to open different interaction levels between the user, the object and their surroundings. It allows multiple readings, generating multiple interpretations of the public space.

Satellite has won an iF Design Awards in the 2021 edition.

Gerard and Martín are two industrial designers based in Barcelona and Berlin respectively. Their main objective is to design honest, emotional and useful objects, with practical solutions and environmental awareness.

Escofet is a Barcelona-based company that has been promoting change and transformation in cities for over 100 years through the design and industrialisation of urban elements and architectural concrete.

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