Tothora designs and produces time sculptures in a totally handmade way, creating avant-garde, contemporary and impressive pieces with a minimalist and elegant aesthetic. A Catalan brand with a Mediterranean character, driven by its creator’s passion for time.

They design and produce a variety of fully customized models, using wood as a basic material, being able to choose both the size and the finish, a unique, special and exclusive way of working that their clients all over the planet enjoy.

Stellar, one of Josep Vera’s last personal creations, is edited by hand and consists of 8 convex shaped polycarbonate pieces that, once assembled in the regular inner Dodecagon of the base placed on the wall, make up the 12 time slots, as well like the lacquered solid wood external spiers that will mark the time that is to come. A clock that as it is assembled step by step offers the most precious views with the conformation of volumes and shadows, a unique experience for a unique and exclusive wallclock.

Josep Vera studied graphic design and photography at the prestigious Massana school in Barcelona, ​​and accredits a long experience of more than thirty years in the exercise of his professional specialty, always based on the values ​​of quality and innovation. A creativity that he has applied and permanently applies in his works and design pieces.

He practices creative photography, where he shows his sensitivity in capturing moments and processing images, which he has publicly exhibited, and has received recognition for his work.

Creator and director of the company Tothora, in 2011 he turned his career around, which focuses on clocks design, with a new conception and philosophy. After developing the ideas and the project, at the beginning of 2012 it became a full-time job and began the activity of designing, manufacturing and marketing clocks.

The project is based on reflections on the measurement and importance of time. As he himself explains, “time is a good for everyone and it is scarce, as scholars, artists and writers have described. We offer you time to live, in different ways and with a new way of seeing it”.

After participating in some of the most important international fairs, such as Paris, Frankfurt, Stockholm, London, Japan and the United States, little by little clocks are crossing borders and marking the hours away from home. Tothora’s international projection and presence is constantly expanding through the establishment of a stable distribution network.

The company also promotes online sales, as one of the channels for the distribution and dissemination of its watch parts on platforms specializing in the sale of decoration and interior design.

Tothora Time Sculptures