Iberital, the pioneer in professional espresso coffee machines, launches Tandem, a new machine conceived to provide the best solutions for the barista’s everyday life. Barely a year after revolutionising the coffee industry with VISION, internationally praised as the espresso machine of the future, the company has now decided to “consolidate the brand’s new era, betting on design and technology to move the industry forward and focus in the mid-market segment.”

The result is a sleek, iconic and robust coffee machine that fits into any environment: Tandem. Every detail matters The sleek and innovative knob provides better precision; the perfect shape of the new steam wands, which will take latte art to the next level; the rational and Nordic-inspired removable basket, which will help the barista handle the cups and dishes. Every single element has been thought to make a difference.

Even a seemingly insignificant detail such as the removable cup basket turns into something amazing. Because, sometimes, the most useful features are the simple ones. Connected to the future Tandem can be integrated into IB Connect.

This unique telematics platform, launched by Iberital at Hostelco 2016, provides continuous and automated monitoring from the computer or smartphone. It allows the barista to have greater control on the use, performance, and needs of the machine, without getting lost in clumsy displays.

Iberital has relied once again on Andreu Carulla and ACID studio. Only a year ago, the fruitful partnership introduced VISION, an espresso machine that has earned global recognition by winning five prestigious international design awards. As on previous collaborations, Carulla has refined Tandem’s design to its essence. By removing excess accessories to highlight the essential, the designer has created a sober and robust yet modern and iconic espresso machine. A machine that fits into any environment.

Tandem won an award at the last iF Awards ceremony (2021).

From a small garage… to leading the path to sustainability IBERITAL, a family-owned company that designs and manufactures professional Espresso Coffee Machines, started in 1975 in a garage in Barcelona, out of the passion of its founder Blai Farré about fixing machines.

Over forty years after its inception, this hobby has become a brand of global reference, present in more than a hundred countries all around the world, that has been earning increasing recognition due to its innovative, robust and sophisticated hand-crafted and locally designed professional espresso coffee machines.

Over the last few years Iberital has refreshed its brand identity setting an ambitious goal: to lead the industry transformation towards efficiency, sustainability and health. This leadership is founded in Iberital’s DNA: innovation, sustainability, compliance, quality, talent, collaboration with the community, ethics.

With a vision to redefine the coffee industry of the future, innovation is an attitude at Iberital; a culture that must impregnate the entire organization. Everything is questioned continually, looking for new ways of doing products, processes, approach to the market, and even the internal organization. And all innovation projects are always framed within the concept of sustainability.