We have carried out the design, the art direction and the photographic production of the 2019/2020 product catalogue, which Grok –the high-end brand of LEDS C4 lighting group– presented at Euroluce 2019.

We defined a concept that had not been used before in the lighting sector and that shows all points of view of the product in a seductive way and in atmospheres that enhance its excellent design. The focus of Art Direction was to use a poetic and artistic concept: the mirror’s reflection, as reflection, is the most objective and honest expression of oneself.

We show a 360º view with the focus on the luminaire, we reveal all aspects and bring volume and depth to the visual field with a set of planes, textures and tones what emphasized the details, expressing the intention, function and emotion of the designers in developing their creations.

We’ve worked alongside Marçal Vaquer and Cristina Ramos, the photographer and set designer respectively.

We are a branding agency that helps companies grow through design.

Design is intrinsic to our raison d’être and our way of thinking and acting.