The Museum of Endangered Foods is an exhibition to reflect on one of the most underestimated consequences of climate crisis: the extinction of foods. When the word “endangered” crosses our minds, we normally think of animals such as whales, pandas, orangutans… But other life forms, especially edible plants that we consider foods, are also on the verge of extinction.The causes are manyfold: from rising temperatures to fresh-water scarcity, irregular weather patterns, habitat loss and deforestation, pollution or plagues. Some of the most endangered foods right now could be considered “dispensable”, like chocolate or coffee, but also basic ingredients like soy, chickpeas or potatoes are under threat.This exhibition aims to put the focus on the ecological vulnerabilities threatening each of these ingredients in the hope that food will be a more palpable and approachable take on climate crisis. We can only wish that food, probably the most necessary feature for human life along with water and air —which are also in great danger— will make a wider audience connect and become aware of the problem we’re currently facing.

Sharp & Sour is a multidisciplinary design studio focused on the futures of food. They help food companies and organizations navigate through uncertain times and new food scenarios. The design studio focuses on food research, speculative design projects and recipe development as well as brand identity and packaging projects for conscious brands. They have collaborated with companies like Teka or BayWa Global Produce and organisations like the World Design Embassies, the Dutch Design Week, PRIMER or Foodture. Similarly, their works have been featured in publications like It’s Nice That, Gestalten, MOLD, Plurality University, and different books and magazines.

Sharp & Sour