Conceived and digitally manufactured by Elisava Research and students and alumni of the Master’s Degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces and the Undergraduate Degree in Design of Elisava, with the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Sagrada Familia School, VORA constitutes a safe boundary between the cars and the users of the new pedestrianized spaces of Barcelona to promote leisure, educational and cultural activities.

The VORA prototype was installed on the corner in front of the Sagrada Familia School in Barcelona to expand a new outdoor space and promote educational or recreational activities, responding to the current needs of many educational centres seeking outdoor spaces and new ways of teaching. Outside school hours, the facility allows citizens to use it.

To share knowledge and allow VORA to be reproduced in any city in the world, an open-source repository of knowledge related to urban planning, mobility, social behaviour and urban elements has been created.

VORA is a project part of FURNISH, an initiative promoted and financed by the European Union (EIT-Urban Mobility) where seven teams from five cities across Europe are participating.

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